TheKasLabel (TKL) is a luxury beauty brand offering high quality false lashes that are long-lasting, lightweight, comfortable and simply flawless! Our lashes are handmade with authentic Natural Siberian Mink Fur and are designed to perfectly frame to your eyes, no matter what the occasion. Making you feel beautiful and confident, these luxurious lashes will suit any preference. We have also extended our range in providing Lash Shampoo to encourage healthy false lashes.

Based in the heart of London, we aim to help women around the world enhance their inner beauty. These intriguing, high fashion lashes are elegant, yet soft and subtle. Our natural mink lashes are "Cruelty Free" and are available in sizes ranging from 6mm to 15mm. TKL lashes have a cycle of up to 25x time’s usage.

Its time to encounter the TKL difference! Naturally tapered ends of mink fur gives lashes a feathery feel and a natural shine, making them the most superior and natural looking lashes of all.These fibers are much softer and lighter than other synthetic and human hairs. A handcrafted cotton band ensures maximum comfort, flexibility and ease of application without feeling heavy.


Founded in 2017, TKL stems from a passion that turned into a dream. To say lashes are my obsession would be a complete understatement. Every beauty and makeup lover knows how big of a difference a pair of false lashes can give a complete look. Obsessed with make up and eyelash extension, Cass, the owner had a love and hate relationship with eyelash extension... “There will be days were all I wanted were individual lashes but I wasn’t a fan of how the lash will poke my eye but yet found it hard to find a natural/ classy eyelash extension without looking like a spider.

This was when the TKL was born. Long lasting, voluminous, natural looking lashes.

The purpose of TKL is to make our clients feel confident, bold and sexy which is why our lash styles are named after personalities traits our lash look gives off. 


Aim: Today, we strive to be the number one preferred eyelash brand! Our top priority is to continue sourcing innovative products while providing exceptional customer experience.


We set to produce top of the range lashes that appeal to woman of class. TKL stems from personal aspects of a KasDoll:

Kempt she is a well-maintained neat and clean woman

Audacious she is the fearless bold woman

Sharp she is always on trend from head to toe

From day to night, a pair of TKL lashes will complete your look and most importantly, make you feel fabulous! Beauty comes from the inside out and we are sure that these lashes will give you that extra 'oomph' of confidence. Our brand is designed for sophisticated, classy women who represent the definition of elegance. 

Your guarantee to be feeling like a true KasDoll!



Raised by entrepreneur parents, giving up was never the answer. Cass was taught the importance of perseverance, education and dreaming big! With beauty being the main goal, TKL had no choice but to be successful. 

As an independent, woman-owned business, Cass continues to be involved in every aspect of the brand; the creative direction, visiting factories, selection of materials, and attending shows. 

"The craftsmanship behind souring mink lashes has been a long journey. I decided to take a chance on self belief a few years ago which has brought the brand to where it is today.

"Nothing beats feeling confident and being yourself. Beauty to me holds no boundaries! I can do what i want, change what i want and still feel confident. As a woman this is important.

Here at TKL, we believe in encountering a difference allowing our lashes to do the talking. I hope when you experience TKL you will feel confident with a twinkle to your lash line". 

- Cass